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Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products



    1. Is your soap 100% organic? While we are not certified 100% organic (no true soap is by the way), we use organic oils and butters to make our soap, and many or our botanical additives are also organic.
    2. Is your soap made with lye? There’s a saying in our cottage soap industry: “no lye, no soap”. All real soap must be made with Lye. The Lye reacts with the oils and butters in the recipe in a process called “Saponification”, and ultimately produces what we know as soap. The final soap product contains NO LYE, but without lye on the front end of the process, making true soap would be impossible.
    3. Is your soap vegan? Except for honey found in our Honey & Oats soap bar, we do not use animal products or byproducts in our soap. All our oils and butters are 100% vegetable based and considered vegan-friendly.
    4. I’m seeing a “scrub level” listed for your soap bars, what does that mean? Our soap’s scrub-level is a measure of the amount of exfoliant included in that specific recipe, if any. The higher the scrub-level, the more texture you can expect in the soap. This is only
      applicable to a bar that is used directly on the skin.
    5. Does Wild Woods Soap test on animals? Absolutely not! The Wild Woods team has over 180 years of combined bathing experience, so we kind of consider ourselves shower-experts, so no need to get a rabbit’s opinion.
    6. I am allergic to coconut oil, does your soap contain it? Yes. While our ingredients are world-class quality, if you have allergies, we strongly encourage you to review the ingredient list for any product you plan to use.
    7. How long can I expect my soap to last? With proper care, you can expect your natural handmade bar to last approximately 4 weeks in the shower, and much longer at the sink. It greatly depends on how the soap bar is used during bathing; the amount of people sharing a shower, and keeping it dry between uses. To maximize your soap bar’s life, insert into a Wild Woods natural agave soap sleeve when bathing. You can also apply to a washcloth or bath sponge. After each use, rinse off suds, shake dry and store in a dry area, preferably on our handmade cedar soap dish. If the shower is shared, grab our double soap dish and store multiple soap bars out of the shower.
    8. Do you offer scent-free options? Yes. Currently, we offer the Wild & Free soap bar, which is free of any essential oils and botanical additives. We only include our base recipe of organic oils and butters and natural clay. We’ll be adding more scent-free soap bars in the future. Be sure to join our mailing list to stay connected and be the first to know when new soap bars debut.



    1. Which currencies do you accept? We accept United States Dollar (USD)
    2. Which payment methods do you accept? We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Diners club; all major debit cards; and PayPal. All transactions are SSL-encrypted.
    3. How long will me refund take? On our end, your refund is processed instantly once we approve it. It may take some time for your financial institution to process on their end. Please check with your bank for more details.
    4. Do you accept PayPal balances? No. Please verify that your PayPal account is linked to a debit card, credit card, or bank account.



    1. Can you cancel my order? We are unable to cancel orders once they are placed online. If you have started a subscription with us, you can cancel anytime prior to the cutoff date detailed in you plan. Log into your subscription account for more details.
    2. I entered the wrong shipping address, can you change it? If you’ve entered the wrong shipping address, please contact us ASAP at, and we will do our best to accommodate the change. Please note that we fulfill orders as quickly
      as possible, so if your order has already been fulfilled, there is nothing we can do to modify shipping information.
    3. Where is my order? Your order is processed in 1 to 2 business days at our facility, after payment is received. Then you will receive an email notification which will include tracking with USPS. Please allow 3 to 7 days after processing for delivery.
    4. Where can I go for more help? Our preferred method of communication is email. Please contact us at if you need further help with your order.



    1. I want to save 25%, how does autoship work? It’s simple! Just add your favorite eligible Wild Woods soap products by clicking the “autoship and save” tab on the product page. Choose between delivery “every month” or “every 3 months”, check out and you’re done! You will start receiving Wild Woods soap deliveries on the interval you selected, and you will be billed automatically for each delivery through the payment method you selected, for as long as your autoship is active. You will receive a link to your customer portal where you can manage your subscription items, update payment info, skip an upcoming delivery, or pause and cancel future deliveries. Please note: Due to the deep discount enjoyed by our autoship customers, two sequential billing cycles are required prior to pausing or canceling your autoship.
    2. How does delivery shipping work? For initial autoship orders, the sub-total of your entire cart will count towards your Special Flat Rate shipping cost at checkout. Keep in mind that If your cart contains one-time purchase items as well, then your shipping charge for future autoship deliveries may differ from your initial order. Please visit our shipping policy page for all shipping flat rates, including free shipping.
    3. Why did I receive free shipping on my first order, but now I’m seeing a shipping charge? This will happen if the sub-total of a combination of one-time items and autoship items in your cart qualifies for free shipping, but the autoship sub-total alone does not. Your first delivery would include free shipping, and your future deliveries would include the special flat rate shipping charge appropriate for you autoship sub-total.
    4. How do I add or swap the bars for my next delivery? If you provided a valid email address when starting your autoship, you would have received an email with a link to your customer portal. In your customer portal, you have full control to modify delivery items, change payment information, and skip or cancel future deliveries.
    5. Can I select my delivery date? No. At this time, all subsequent autoship orders will be processed on or near the date the initial autoship was created. All autoship deliveries will then follow the normal processing and shipping times detailed in our shipping policy.
    6. I will be on vacation when my order arrives, so can you hold my delivery? Due to the volume of orders received and processed, we are unable to hold deliveries. We recommend visiting your customer portal and skipping a delivery if you will not be available to accept it.
    7. Why can’t I autoship certain items? You can only autoship our permanent collection of single soap bars and Natural Liquid Hand Soap. Our bath accessories and 3-packs are available for one-time purchases only.
    8. I’d like to gift an autoship to Wild Woods Soap, how do I do that? What a wonderful gift idea! Simply start your autoship with your billing information and add the shipping address to whomever you wish! Once the duration you wish to gift the autoship has expired, visit your customer portal and click “cancel autoship”. Note the two billing cycle minimum to cancel.
    9. I need help with my autoship, where do I go? We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have! Please contact us at and a member of the Wild Woods support team will assist you.