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Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products
Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products

About Us

Hello, I'm Christopher Woods, the founder of Wild Woods Soap. It brings me joy that you're taking the time to learn about us. Our name reflects the simplicity and meaning we wanted for our company – something relatable to everyday people like you and me. Life is a unique and exciting journey, and if you've spent some time on Earth, our name might resonate with your own experiences. We are the Woods, and our journey has been WILD, giving birth to the Wild Woods Soap company.

Our soapmaking journey started years ago when I delved into the craft to find a solution for family and friends with complex skin needs. The quest for a truly clean and natural soap proved more challenging than mastering the craft itself. The struggle inspired the vision for Wild Woods Soap – providing an everyday handmade soap option with genuinely clean ingredients. While some may accept synthetic additives and fragrance, we aim to offer a different choice aligned with healthy living. Our mission is to restore integrity to the term "All Natural."

So from the sunny Florida coast, along with my wife of 28 years Kimberly (Center); my eldest son Christopher B Woods and his amazing wife Ariel (Right); My youngest son Tyler Woods and his amazing wife Ashleigh (Left), we are The Wild Woods, and we would like to welcome you to Wild Woods Soap.

A family company.