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About Us

My name is Christopher Woods, the founder and Chief Creator here at Wild Woods Soap, and while I cannot see you face-to-face, please know that it brings me much joy to know you’re taking the time to get to know us. As we were deciding on a name for our company, we wanted something simple but meaningful, and perhaps something everyday people like us could relate to. We all experience this life together, and I believe most of us want to enjoy and make the most of our time here, and that includes wanting the best for our loved ones and ourselves. Everyone’s journey is unique, with no shortage of excitement. So if you’ve spent more than a few days on planet Earth, it’s likely that your own experiences may lend some credence to our namesake. We are the Woods, and our journey has been WILD, and so, the Wild Woods Soap company was born.

Our soapmaking story began years ago when I finally gave in to my decade old interest in learning the craft. I had family members and close friends with complicated skin, and I thought I might be able to find a solution; or at least offer some relief. I quickly learned that finding a truly clean and natural bar of soap in the marketplace was possibly more challenging than mastering the soapmaking craft itself. I was already aware that the term “All Natural” was unregulated and commonly misused in various industries, but the more I searched, the less I trusted these words. That struggle helped the vision of Wild Woods Soap come to me. People, including my family, need an everyday handmade soap option that promises and delivers all clean ingredients; not just some. And yes, some people are ok with synthetic additives and fragrance, but we wanted to offer something different; a product that aligns with healthy living. Our mission, in part, is to restore integrity to the term “All Natural”.

So from the sunny Florida coast, along with my wife of 26 years Kimberly (Center); my eldest son Christopher B Woods and his amazing wife Ariel (Right); My youngest son Tyler Woods and his amazing wife Ashleigh (Left), we are The Wild Woods, and we would like to welcome you to Wild Woods Soap; a family company that was truly developed with you and your family in mind.