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Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products
Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products

Beard Care Instructions & Tips

Beard Care Instructions:

Beard Wash
1-3 times weekly, pour small amount into palm and work into a rich lather on beard.
Rinse well and towel dry, leaving beard slightly damp, but not wet. Immediately follow with Wild Woods Beard Oil.

Beard Oil
Add 4-6 drops to palm, more for longer beards, then use fingertips to work through beard. Pay special attention to the skin at the base of the beard to help moisturize and reduce itching and flaking. Use 1-3 times daily.

Beard Balm
Remove lid and drag thumbnail through product with same hand (done properly, this allows you to remove and replace lid mess-free. Transfer to fingertips and rub hands together to soften product. Work through beard to moisturize and tame flyaways. Style as normal. Use 1-2 times daily.

Beard Care Tips & Tricks (T&T) for Best Results:

Beard Wash T&T

  • Your skin produces a natural lubricant called Sebum which coats your beard hair and helps moisturize and protect the hair shaft. Synthetic detergent, found in many commercial bath soaps, strip away this protective oil. By using a high-quality natural soap, like Wild Woods beard wash, you can clean your beard effectively without leaving yourself with a dry stringy-looking beard.
  • Unless you literally shovel coal for a living, it’s best to limit the amount you wash your beard, with any soap product, to a maximum of 3 times per week. For most men, 1 to 2 times weekly is sufficient.

!!Pro-Tip!! Use your beard wash as you shower for maximum convenience and no mess.


Beard Oil T&T

  • Using Wild Woods beard oil immediately after you shower, on your towel-dried beard, helps to supplement for lost Sebum during your wash.
  • Massage beard oil into the skin at the base of your beard to help reduce itching and flaking.

!!Pro-Tip!! If you’re not planning to get the complete beard care kit, the 2 must-haves are beard wash and beard oil. Use the beard wash seldom and use the beard oil often.


Beard Balm T&T

  • If beard wash is the shampoo, then beard balm is the conditioner. It’s formulated to act as a humectant and help lock moisture into your beard, further protecting it from dryness and frizz.
  • Don’t juggle your beard balm! The reason we advise to load the balm on your thumbnail is 2-fold. First, it helps to dispense a consistent amount every time. Second, it allows you to hold the balm in one hand, the lid in the other, dispense the product with the lid hand and replace the lid with zero mess. Try that move with your fingertip and you’ll understand the logic!


Grooming T&T

  • If you’re one of those guys that tends to “ignore” leg day, then listen up! DO NOT IGNORE THE BEARD BRUSH! Small legs are acceptable, but a tangled mess of a beard is not! Seriously though, make time for yourself each day (literally takes 2 minutes) to brush out your beard.
  • If you’re fortunate enough to have a beard so thick that a brush is just out of the question, use a wide-tooth beard comb (like the one in our Grooming set *wink wink)

!!Pro-Tip!! First apply beard oil to skin and work through beard with your fingers. Then use your brush to really work it through the hair as you train your beard to behave. Then apply your beard balm and use your comb to work it through. Finish by using fingers to style as you normally would.

In case you’re wondering, no, the beard oil scent will not stay on the brush and muddy up the scent or your next application with a different scented Wild Woods Beard product.