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Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products
Premium Handcrafted Soap & Beard Care Products

Natural Agave Soap Sleeve

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This natural woven agave soap sleeve is the perfect complement to your Wild Woods soap bar! The loosely woven agave fibers provide just the right amount of scrub to be effective yet still very pleasant on your skin. Drop your favorite smooth soap bar into the sleeve and add a little exfoliation. Or you can finally use that last sliver of soap that’s otherwise impossible to hold on to. Just drop it in and be amazed at how far you can stretch your soap! It also works well as a simple washcloth all by itself.
Plus, it’s machine washable! With so many different uses, the Wild Woods natural agave soap sleeve is a must have!

Suggested use:

Insert your favorite soap bar. Wet thoroughly and wash as you normally would
with a soap bar.

To extend the life of your agave soap sleeve, remove soap bar from sleeve, rinse sleeve well, and dry between uses. Machine wash regular, tumble dry low.

Dimensions: L 4” x W 5”

*Soap Bar sold separately